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NASHOS WA are friends of the the National Service Association in Western Australia we are happy to be on friendly terms with all eastern states National Service Associations and proud of the mateship


The laws and criteria for Photos ect
All photos or other articles sent to our site must belong to you or that you have the consent to have them used~photos are also sent to the national services association web site
IF you know any of the men in the group photos email to us and will update or make contact with them if their details are on our files.
Also photos from 1965 to 1972 are wanted by the contacts below
Bob McGuire @ [ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob#ua.moc.tensutpo|15camob]
Michael Vassallo @ ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm#ua.ten.dnopgib|60090avm

Bar_Medals.jpglargeaustflag.gifServing our Nation 1951~1972

Our Nashos WA EMBLEM was created by Bob McGuire ,Steve Lucks, Steve Grabham ,John Toone and Paul Good, the Copyright is held by Bob McGuire..


music_symbols.jpgthis is is a link to our song and video clip youtube.jpg music_symbols.jpg

Mick ,Jim Mavromatis former Regular Soldier 63-72 with 1 RAR and touring with 5 RAR he says how they were the first to get nashos in Vietnam and says you cant be more first than 1 section 1 platoon A company- jims sings the above song of Nashos, and Jim has offered our members a copy for free ,so we thank him very much-anyone wanting a copy you can email mailto: moc.dnopgib|sitamorvam.kcim#moc.dnopgib|sitamorvam.kcim our friend Paul Obrien made the film clip


……………………………………………………….Plaque from Alan Ferdinands……………………………….

Some huts at Puckapunyal **one photo is from Bruce Wilson**
7 platoon B Company 1st intake 1971 march outpucka photo from LT,Jay McDaniell
7 platoon B Company 3rd intake 1970 march outphoto from LT, Jay McDaniell
pucka_2_2.jpg outsideboozerpucka.jpg
T Clarke-C.F. Chubb-B McGuire~~~S Hornsby-B McGuire-B Bridges4th intake 71
18_Platoon.jpg 4_man_cubicle_12pl_c_coyist72
18 platoon map reading with Steve Lucks2nd of 1971 at Pucka~~and R.Addison~D.Powell~B Gloury in their cubicle 12 platoon c coy 1st 72photo from Ross Addison
l/r ..Brown~Wally Johnson and R.Thomas** ~~~~~l/r John Reynolds~ Ron Thomas and Bill Braithwaite4th intake 71
camp boozer at pucka 71~~~~~~~~Steve Lucks
T Clarke and J Toone Pucka *~~~R.Oakley,Browne,D.Brown,R Thomas
biv3.jpg~tithillpucka.jpg bluey_and_gilroy2.jpg
T Clarke-D Omalley-B McGuire~~On top of Tit Hill Puckapunyal 71 Graeme Dart and Barry Gilroy
on knees T Clarke and R.D.Cogill~~~~~Some of 3 sec,13platoon4/71
3 section 13 platoon~~~l/r `Reynolds~ Johnson~thomas4th intake 71
b_braithwaite.jpg w_braithwaite
above Bill Braithwaite R.I.P. Deceased 1974 ex 13 platoon C Company 4/71 photos from George Braithwaite ex nasho email ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg#ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg
john_toone_lone.jpg huts_pucka.jpg
above is John Toone 4th 1971 13pl Ccoy Pucka email moc.liamtoh|enoot.j#moc.liamtoh|enoot.j
These are some of the Officers and NCOs at pucka 1968-1970 photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths whom also was a NCO
PartBCoy8Pltoncompassmarch.bmp svnmedals.jpg
Pucka some of 8 platoon B company 1st intake 1969 compass readingphoto from Harry Ventriss ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh#ua.moc.liamezo.nh|ssirtnevh flagwa.gif
Passing out parade first intake 1969 at Puckapunyal photo supplied from H.Ventriss
8 platoon Bcoy 69 kicking the footy ~~ and the mail call
Singleton Infantry Training Base
jtoonem60.jpg 2004021411.jpg
John Toone at Singleton with M60~~~Parade at Singleton email moc.liamg|nhoj9105#moc.liamg|nhoj9105
tuckertime on the rifle range **~~8platoon b coy 69 sent in by Harry Ventriss
8plbcoy169marchout.BMP ian_pickering.jpg
8 platoon B company march out 1st of1969photo from Harry Ventriss ~ soldier jumping is **Ian Pickering 4th intake 71 dec photo from G Braithwaite
~~~LMGs at pucka1969~~~checking the LMG before the rifle range ~photos from Harry Ventriss
Some of the guys from 9 platoon 1st of 72 Tullarook Ranges pucka at the 3 day camp Howard MacDonald next to his SLR
Bill Morriss doing his Nasho training and was sent to 5RAR 3rd intake 1970 Kapooka email moc.liamtoh|ssirromlw#moc.liamtoh|ssirromlw HutMatesjohngooding.jpgMe2RTBjohngooding.jpg
some guys from 3platoon Acompany1st intake 1966 and john gooding with rifle photos from John Gooding email ua.moc.evil|gnidoognhoj#ua.moc.evil|gnidoognhoj
John Gooding marching1st/1966~~Not safe to sleep R Nettleton-S Vicich-asleep is K Woods-R Ward- M Waldron-R Saunders~photo from M.Grosse 2nd 68
19 platoon Dcompany 2nd intake 1971 photo from Graham Walton email moc.liamtoh|letnagnow#moc.liamtoh|letnagnow
aboveTrevor Clark at pucka museum 1971
SchoolofArtilleryJune1969geoffmoran.jpg g_braithwaite_sole.jpg
From Pucka to School of Artillery 2nd intake 1969
standing L/R~Trevor Mason-Dave Thomas-Geoff Moran-Ron Spoutore
front~Greg Craig-Martin ~photo from Geoff Moran email ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg#ua.ten.elpoep|naromffoeg and George Braithwaite 2nd 1967 **
above **some of 1 platoon A Company 2nd intake 1968
photo from John Stephens email moc.dnopgib|6snehpetsnhoj#moc.dnopgib|6snehpetsnhoj
martypopelierandothersfrom7plbcoy4th71.jpg Ross_A_on_exercise_Pucka1st72(1).jpg
aboveMarty Popelier and 7 platoon mates B Company 4th intake 1971 photo from Marty Popelier WA
and Ross Addison on exercises with 12platoon c company 1st 72photo from Ross Addison QLD email ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor#ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor
above ** forklift course at Bandiana 4trh 1971** photo from Marty Popelier email ua.moc.oohay|selujnamdribrednuht#ua.moc.oohay|selujnamdribrednuht
timmurmanepucka2nd71.jpg RossA_cleaning_SLR_Pucka_72.jpg
Tim Murmane from 3section 11 platoon c company 2nd 71email ua.ten.tpaa|bomenamrum#ua.ten.tpaa|bomenamrum
and Ross Addison cleaning his SLR 12 platoon c company 1st 1972email ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor#ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor
above 8 platoon B coy 3rd 1968 at kapooka ~~Peter Blanchard~Morriss Close~Bob Wadephotos from Bob Wade email ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob#ua.moc.kcabtuo|edawbob
above Alan Ferdinands having a beer in Vietnam 17th construction photo from Alan email
smoko_pucka_1st_72.jpg Picture_015.jpg
L to R Des Powell~Brian Gloury~Ross Addison smoko 12pl c coy 1st 72~ next photo is Emil Veld 5pl a wing 2nd 71 Kapooka
emil_velt_kapooka016.jpg emil_velt_walking_014.jpg
above some of 5 platoon A wing 2nd intake 71 at kapooka photo from Emil Veld email ua.ten.dnopgib|dlev#ua.ten.dnopgib|dlev
b_braithwaite_artillery.jpg b_braithwaite_artillery_crew.jpg
aboveBill Braithwaite intake 4/71 in artillery
above G Braithwaite~G Clark ~R. Cairnie~~~~~~~ R Cairnie and G Braithwaite email ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg#ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg
above Charlie Kriskovich 9th intake 1967 pucka email moc.dnopgib|hcivoksirkgc#moc.dnopgib|hcivoksirkgc
main_mess.jpg main_mess_2.jpg main_mess_puucka2.jpg mess_kitchen.jpg
above The main mess hall for nashos Pucka
aboveT.McKenna ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ross Oakley ~~~~~~~~~ and R.J.O'Bryan13 pl Ccoy 4/71 Pucka
above G.E. May~~~~~~~~ ~~~(Sergio) Gil Wilder~~~~~~~~~~~~M.N.Willcock 13pl,Ccoy 4/71 pucka
Hines_jpg webb.jpg obrien.jpg
K.D.Hyne~~~~~~~~~Webb~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Obrien 13 platoon Ccoy 4/71 Pucka
pauls_album13.jpg pauls_album19.jpg pauls_album22jpg
M.F.Rainsford-N.;Brierley-——Glen Saul13 platoon Ccoy 4/71 Pucka
sergio2.jpg sergio3.jpg sergio4.jpg
above (Sergio) Gil.Wilder
above **some of 4 platoon and Peter Brygel A coy 2nd intake 1971
photo from Peter Brygel email ua.moc.dnopgib|legyrbretep#ua.moc.dnopgib|legyrbretep
18pldcoy30f71amartionbiv.JPG 18pldcoy3of71amartionbiv2.JPG
above 18 platoon D company 3rd intake 1971 **photos from Adrian Martion email moc.dnopgib|noitramnairda#moc.dnopgib|noitramnairda
above **Artillery school North Head July 1966
photo from John Rickard email ua.ten.dnopgib|drakcirj#ua.ten.dnopgib|drakcirj
above A Nasho at I Field Regement at Wacol 7th intake 1967 photo from Terry Edwinsmith off Nasho Chaulkies
2sigsquadrenan110sigs_sqdn_Addison1972.jpg mal_johnson3rd68_pucka.JPG
above Nashos in 2 Signals sqn with others in 110 Signals sqn at watsonia 1972photo from Ross Addison email ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor#ua.moc.sdrowgnitfarc|ssor also photo of Malcolm Johnson 18pl d coy 3/68email malcolm ua.moc.tensutpo|c16kv#ua.moc.tensutpo|c16kv
Gary_Attrill_%26_Rick_Turner5pl_Acoy_4th71.jpg Ian_Hille_%26_Gary_Attrill_Pucka_5pl_Acoy_4th71.jpg Gary_Atrill_5pl_Acoy_4th71.jpg
above Gary Attrill and Rick Turner 2nd Ian Hille and Gary Attrill 3rd Gary Attrill 5 platoon A coy 4th intake 71 Pucka email||ellihi
above Neil Sampson 18 platoon d coy 2nd intake 1972 email moc.liamg|17awsohsan#moc.liamg|17awsohsan

Above**some of 1section 20 platoon Dcoy 2nd intake 1972 Tasmanians ,photo from John Brownrigg contact email moc.liamg|15ggirnworbj#moc.liamg|15ggirnworbj

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