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above 12 platoon C company 2nd intake 1967 photo from Doug Arnold email moc.dnopgib|96.gaye#moc.dnopgib|96.gaye
above 13 platoon Ccompany 2nd intake 1967pucka photo from Bob Tindall email moc.dnopgib|lladnits#moc.dnopgib|lladnits
above 2 section 13 platoon C company 2nd intake 1967photo from Bob Tindall.
above 20 platoon D company 2nd intake 1967 photo from George Braithwaite email ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg#ua.moc.sumirpi|etiawhtiarbegroeg
1 section 2 platoon A company 3rd intake 1967photo from Barry Magor for Jim Griffiths,
above photo from Bruce Pitt email ua.moc.tentsew|ttipecurb#ua.moc.tentsew|ttipecurb3rd677plbcoybrucepittpucka.jpg

above photo from Bruce Pitt.

Above 2 platoon Acoy 3rd intake 1967 photo from David Reimers email moc.liamg|64sremierevad#moc.liamg|64sremierevad
above…12Platoon C coy 3rd intake 1967 photo from Ray Jones4sec12plCcoy3rd67RayJones.jpg

above—4 Section 12 Platoon C coy 3rd intake 1967 photo from Ray Jones..
Back row from left… Bryan Hughes-Les Higgins-Max John-Tony Hardiman-
-Front Row from left ,Ray Jones-Ray Harding-CPL Reed-Graeme Hinkley-Ian Hardy

above 3 section 12 platoon C company 3rd intake 1967 photo from Charlie Kriskovich
email moc.dnopgib|hcivoksirkgc#moc.dnopgib|hcivoksirkgc flagwa.gif4placoy4th1967keithroberts.jpg
above 4 platoon A company 4th intake 1967 pucka photo from
Keith Roberts email ua.ten.dnopgib|1bor_xet#ua.ten.dnopgib|1bor_xet
above~10th intake oct 4/1967 might be Dcoy ? photo from John Owen email moc.liamtoh|nhojnewo#moc.liamtoh|nhojnewoflagwa.gif
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